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Impact Program

Partnering with Local Schools for Value Based Healthcare Program

Rio Grande Hospital has become further engaged in Community Development through its partnership with our schools. The hospital has joined forces with the Del Norte School District to assist with evaluation and treatment of sports injuries through a concussion management program utilizing ImPACT neurocognitive testing.

In 2014, the Rio Grande Hospital and Del Norte Schools discussed the need for an agreement for hospital personnel to provide additional sports medicine services to the schools’ present program. The partnership plan first provides weekly injury surveillance and treatment and second manages sport’s related concussions via a comprehensive and individualized strategy, which includes a computerized neuropsychological test battery called ImPact (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment & Cognitive Testing).

“Computerized neuropsychological testing” measures attention, memory and process speed in athletes with concussions.

Physician Assistant, Brian Freeman; Medical Assistant, Deseree Quintana; and now, Physical Therapist, Andres Torres successfully conducted this program with the Del Norte Schools in 2014. Changes for 2016 – to current include Andres Torres, Rachele Areano and Amanda Lewis, PA-C conducting this program now. Prior to the season, each athlete was tested to establish an individual baseline for attention, memory and process speed. Once an injury was reported, the individual was treated and monitored until he or she returned to his or her baseline scores.

This is how it works. On Monday mornings, Andres Torres goes to the school to see the athletes for any reports of injuries from the previous week’s sports activities. After examinations, Andres and the athlete make plans for the following week; Andres makes recommendations and referrals in each case as needed. Andres then communicates his plan and suggestions with the respective coaches. Referrals might include formal physical therapy services provided before school by Andres Torres.

This program, mirroring concussion care received by top level college and professional athletes, brings state of the art care to our small rural community student athletes. All it takes is an organization like Rio Grande Hospital that wants the best for its community and a school district like Del Norte that cares for its student athletes coming together to accomplish great outcomes for all.